How to improve my PHP library?


In this article, I reflect on my open source project and try to find the way to improve it.

Table Of Contents

  1. The Code Style
  2. The Dependencies
  3. The PHP version
  4. Conclusion

The Code Style

  1. The code standard is under the PSR-2 and use the StyleCI to fix them automatically.
  2. the code space which is before -> and after -> is terrible.

The Dependencies

  1. The project contains the two branches.The one is Guzzle 5 and another one is Guzzle 6.I think it’ fine.
  2. The Guzzle 5/6 should not skipp the certification checking.Maybe let users fix this or add the cacert.pam in project.

The PHP version

  1. The PHP 5 and PHP 7 is fine, but I think add the recommendation to use the PHP 7.


In this article, I reflect on my project and try to make the project better.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send the comments to let me know.