The pay to write the tutorial lists


In this article, it’s just the lists to present how to get the pay to write the tutorials.

Table of Contents

  1. Lists
  2. Conclusion


  1. DigitalOcean
  2. SitePoint
  3. instantshift
  4. spyrestudios
  5. Envato+
  6. SmashingMagazine
  7. Envato
  8. EnvaoMarket
  9. Appcelerator
  10. ProgrammableWeb
  11. ServerGrove(It’s not sure to pay to write articles.)
  12. TecMint(It’s no pay to write the articles.)


In the previous section, we present the available website which provide the Paid to write tutorials.

I try to use sumit the unique and original tutorials for these websites.

In the next article, we will present the tutorials how to submit the tutorials for these websites.