The currency API lists


In this article, we present the lists about the currency lists.
This lists are important for me because they will be our next PHP projects.

Table Of Contents

  1. What’s Currency?
  2. Currency Lists
  3. Conclusion

What’s Currency?

According to the wiki, it says that exchanging the money.There are many countries and they usually use the different currency in their conuntry.For instance, the USA uses USD and the Taiwan uses the TWD.

Currency lists

In this section, we just present the currency lists here. It provide us to refer and prepare for our next PHP projetcs.The currency lsist are as follows:

  1. CurrenCyconverterApi
  2. JsonRates
  3. dlvrit
  5. the references


In this article, we present the currency lists for us and show everyone who want to know the currency services.

If we complete the project, the article will be updated.